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5 men's scented candles for Father's Day

5 men's scented candles for Father's Day

Men's fragrances have hit the bestseller lists not only, but have been loved by women and men all over the world. In Poland, we can also observe a growing interest in this type of expressive, woody and chypre compositions. Men's scented candles are not only classic notes of sandalwood, leather or suede, but also expressive accords of tobacco or fired wood. If we add candles that smell like your favorite whiskey, we have an insight into the world of men's fragrances.

Interestingly, men's fragrances are also very eagerly bought by women. Many representatives of the fair sex love strong, woody and incense fragrances that, of course, are associated with luxury and refinement.

Men's scented candles for Father's Day

In June, there is a unique opportunity to give Dad a unique, masculine fragrance. I am talking of course about Father's Day, a holiday that falls on June 23 each year. You can thank your Dad for everything in a unique way by giving a premium scented candle as a gift that will provide a luxurious experience. Men's scented candles are also great for a home office or study.


Perform soy scented candle by Colonial Candle

Motivate, perform, inspire! Perform aims to rejuvenate to get you to peak performance! With cheerful orange and lavender to reduce anxiety, Perform will help you be the best version of you! This fragrance is the perfect combination of sweet, herbal and woody. Poured into crystal clear glass, Perform is sure to please you.


Black Sandalwood tall scented candle wooden wick Colonial Candle

The subtle sweetness of tobacco combines with the warmth of musk in this handsome candle. The sound of the crackling wooden wick transforms your home into a quietly sophisticated pub, dimly-lit and relaxing. The woodsy and slightly sweet scents of tobacco, bergamot and amber combine to create a rich atmosphere reminiscent of a sophisticated hunting club lounge.

Vanilla & Warm Tobacco soy blend candle by Colonial Candle

This classic green jar is filled with the creamy scent of tobacco leaves. Vanilla and tobacco are a fresh take on well-known favorites. Creamy vanilla mixed with sweet tobacco leaves and hints of cardamom and ginger add depth to this warm, soothing aroma. This vintage-inspired label evokes a familiar classic fragrance with a modern twist. Retro-style color palettes are combined with a wonderful masculine fragrance. Vanilla & Warm Tobacco is an updated version of tobacco in a classic green jar.

Fireside Chat classic wooden wick candle by Colonial Candle

Relax into the sensation of crackling timber burning in a distant fireplace with Fireside Chat. Bring the campfire indoors and enjoy the smoky essence wherever you are. Evoke memories of sitting by a lit fireplace or around a campfire with loved ones with the warming and nostalgic fragrance of Fireside Chat. Filled with forest notes and the lingering scent of smoke from a roaring fire, Fireside Chat transports your home to the warming glow of a campfire as fresh timber crackles in the flames.

Luxury wooden wick Fireside Amber scented candle from CLCo Candles

Fireside Amber scented candle is a intense wood - oriental mixture filled with smoky notes. Strong, expressive accents of cedar wood and wild birch mixed with notes of wood from the fireplace, golden amber, aged leather and creamy musk.

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