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5 places in your home that deserve refreshment

5 places in your home that deserve refreshment

Spring is the time when we start thinking about refreshing our interior, maybe even renovation or even changing the decoration. It is always worth starting with small changes that will not strain our budget, but will make the apartment or house more cozy. You don't have to do a general renovation of the kitchen or replace the tiles in the bathroom to get an interesting look in the apartment. Sometimes even small changes, such as new bedding on the bed, decorative pillowcases and a few decorative accents can change your space for the better. Of course, scented candles, decorative candles or interior fragrances are perfect, of course, which - when properly selected - create an unforgettable atmosphere in the living room or bedroom. So if you are wondering what are the 5 places in your home that deserve refreshment, read on.

5 places in your home that deserve refreshment

  • Bathroom. Bathrooms are usually not large spaces, so even a small decorative accent can completely change the appearance of this room. Choose good quality cotton towels and an elegant scented candle in the same shade and see how your bathroom takes on a new character. Violet is a very sensual color, while the use of blue will give you the impression of freshness. The crowning achievement of the home spa will be luxurious bath bombs with jewelry.
  • Bedroom. Here, too, you can make changes with little time and money. Replace the bedding with new ones, preferably made of natural materials that will give you the impression of luxury. Choose a special aromatherapy lamp and place it on the bedside table. Place the fragrance sachets in the dresser to give your clothes and bedding a beautiful fragrance. On the chest of drawers, you can create a composition of several traditional candles on a stand or choose a soothing scented candle, for example with a lavender note.
  • Dining room. You use the table several times a day, so taking care of this lively part of the house will make you feel better immediately. Good quality tableware and textiles for the dining room will enliven the space and give it a new character. For this decoration made of candles in glass candlesticks or a classic scented candle on a tray and every meal turns into a feast for the eye.
  • Chest of drawers. A place that is often neglected and influences the overall image of your home. A chest of drawers in the hall, dressing room or bedroom deserves an addition in the form of a beautifully scented aroma diffuser with sticks. It's two in one - both a beautiful fragrance and an elegant look that attracts attention every day. Remember to turn the sticks in the diffuser approximately every 7 days for optimal fragrance release.
  • Kitchen. We spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing meals and drinks for each day. Well-chosen decorative accents in the form of herbs on the windowsill, a nice kitchen towel or scented wax in the electric fireplace will give a new character to a well-known space.
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