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Purple River vegan soy candles are now available at Candle World!

Purple River vegan soy candles are now available at Candle World!

Purple River is a natural soy scented candle brand with exquisite and authentic fragrances enclosed in the finest glass jars for exceptional durability. Provide yourself with the most enjoyable experiences every day. Purple River mission is to replicate scents as faithfully as possible, because no teacher is better than nature itself. Purple River vegan soy candles are now available at Candle World!

We love fragrances that deeply touch the depths of our soul and passionately create a comprehensive, unique and pure experience. The inspiration for Purple River is noble wood, juicy fruit, flowers captivating with scent, fresh green herbs and expressive spices that have been captured in high-quality products.

Purple River is inspired by the whole world of fragrances while maintaining carefully selected, the best ingredients. We evoke emotions with our scent and we stop time for a moment... Fragrance chords carry the universality of nature in their hearts. The high content of fragrant oil from carefully selected essential oils in combination with natural cotton wicks provides a unique and distinct aroma experience.

Take a fragrant journey to distant countries or local places as each scent of Purple River vegan candles tells its own story full of emotions and memories. The aromas of the Purple River scented candles transform your four walls into a private wellness oasis and create a unique, exquisite fragrance experience. A fresh breeze by the sea, a relaxing walk in the woods, Asian wellness temples or a French chocolate factory ... Whichever you choose, Purple River will seduce your senses and let you enjoy sunny lavender fields, fresh mountain scenery or homemade cakes in the comfort of your own living room or the bedroom.

Vegan soy scented candle Purple River Blueberry Muffin
Vegan soy scented candle Purple River Black Coconut Lime

Purple River vegan soy candles are full of authentic fragrances

Purple River scented soy scented candles are based on the idea of ​​sustainable development and we use only natural and high-quality additives. We use pure soy wax and the highest quality cotton wicks in our scented candles. Our image for sustainable coexistence obliges us to the highest quality and unlimited respect for nature.

Natural soy candle Purple River - vegan fragrance Black Cherry

Purple River scented soy candles combine natural ingredients of high quality

All premium Purple River candles are hand-poured and made from 100% natural soy wax. Candles do not use any animal ingredients and only vegan and natural ingredients are used. Actions for sustainable coexistence commit Purple River to the highest quality and unlimited respect for nature.

How long do Purple River vegan soy candles burn in glass?

Extensive testing procedures ensure that Purple River scented candles burn safely, evenly and cleanly. Thanks to the burning time of over 140 hours, a long-lasting aromatic experience is ensured. Our products are thoroughly tested in the laboratory and enjoy the highest safety standards. High-quality and pure ingredients ensure holistic, uncontaminated and natural moments just for you!

Scented candle in glass jar natural vegan soy Purple River Acai Aloe Palm

Excellent reviews on Purple River candles

If you are looking for the highest quality vegan candles that do not contain any animal ingredients, the Purple River brand is made for you. Top-quality, authentic fragrances, 100% vegetable soy wax and lead-free cotton wicks are a guarantee of maintaining the idea of ​​sustainable development. The glass containers in which the Purple River Soy Candles are poured can be reused after cleaning or recycled according to local guidelines.

All Purple River vegan candle fragrances are genuinely intense, expressive and strong, ensuring you the best scent experience even in large spaces. You can choose from dozens of candle scents tailored to your mood and season - from light floral notes, through herbal and fruit chords, to sweet, dominant, intense and woody fragrances. What scent of the Purple River candle will you choose for tonight?

Soy vegan glass jar scented candle Sweet Clementine from Purple River
Chocolate vegan scented jar candle Purple River Chocolate Bakery
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